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St Matthias the Apostle Parish welcomes those who have faced a significant loss to join its on-going Grief Support Group. Participants experience the support and caring of other grieving persons, as well as receive helpful information about grieving and the grief process. Sessions are held every Saturday from 9am – 10:30am in the school library.

For more information contact: Miriam Jacik, MSN, MS Psychology, the Group Coordinator at 301-345-6054.

Grupo de Apoyo de Sufrimiento

La Iglesia de San Matías el Apóstol da la bienvenida a aquellos que se han enfrentado a una perdida significante para juntarse con nuestro Grupo de Apoyo de Sufrimiento. Participantes experimente el apoyo y la atención de otras personas afligidas, así como reciba información útil sobre la aflicción y el proceso de aflicción. Las sesiones se llevan a cabo todos los Sábados de 9:00AM-10:30AM en la biblioteca de la escuela. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Miriam Jacik, MSN, MS Psicología, coordinadora del grupo al (301)-345-6054.

Miriam Jacik’s Grief Briefs | Los Escritos de Duelo de Miriam Jacik 

  • Grief Brief: The Covid-19 Virus and the Loss of Those We Love - Grief Brief #24 Losing a loved one to death is always a difficult experience for family members, acquaintances, and friends. There is a large measure of sadness in the hearts and lives of those who will be grieving. The Funeral Mass, a Memorial Service, or a Celebration of Life Event can help, all who have […]
  • Grief Brief with Miriam Jacik - Grief Brief #23 I thought it most appropriate at this time to address the personal, emotional impact the present pandemic has had upon us. The focus in this Grief Brief will be upon the very strong feelings it has stirred up in each of us. We may have had a personal loss before our country […]
  • Grief  Brief  #22 - One of the many difficult tasks in the grieving process is knowing when and how to dispose of the clothing and personal objects of a deceased loved one.  The rule of thumb is that this should not be undertaken until the grieving person is ready to do so.  Of course, circumstances may dictate that this […]
  • Writing While Grieving – Grief Brief 21 - In this grief note we will look at the topic of writing  out some of our grief experiences as our grief work proceeds.  Many grief authors refer to this as keeping a grief journal.  Some people believe that they cannot write with any degree of ease, especially while they are grieving.  This sounds like a difficult undertaking, butit is a […]
  • Grief Brief #20 -   As we move through the holidays this year, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Years, my hope, prayer, and wishes are that you, the readers of this message, have been able to capture the essence of the season.  With the support and caring of friends and family, persons who are grieving can experience the joy of the holidays. […]
  • Grief Brief #19: How Long Will this Grieving Last? - We begin this Grief Brief with the often asked question: “How long will this grieving last?” The simple response is that it will last for as long as is needed for each individual person.  People grieve for as long as it takes to heal from a very difficult life event – the loss of a […]
  • Grief Brief # 17 - As we explore sadness, depression, and grief, we who are grieving have come to know the pervasiveness of sadness within the grief journey.  It is sometimes hard to believe that the intense feelings of absence, aloneness, and missing will ever lighten.  What we do with these feelings is important. Sadness is felt more strongly during […]
  • How Children Face Losses and How they Express their Grief. - Grief Brief # 16  As we begin a new grief message this month our focus will be on how children face losses and  how they express their grief. A number of people believe that babies and small children are unaware of a loss that occurs within a family.  This is not totally true.  Although they […]
  • Grief Brief #14 - Now that the Thanksgiving holidays are upon us, we are drawn by a spirit of gratitude that speaks to us.  Too often, however, we look around at our world and our lives, and foremost in our minds is not that which is enriching us and bringing us joy, but rather at that which we have […]
  • Grief and the Concept of Change - As we share this Grief Brief (#13), we will look at the concept of change. Grief and the healing it brings will cause our hearts, minds, and souls to change with the changes that can aid us in moving forward with our lives. Most people, especially those in the middle and latter phases of life, […]


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