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What does it mean to “Register” in the Parish?

altar serverBy submitting this registration form you are joining hundreds of other Roman Catholics who wish to be counted as active and participating members of Saint Matthias the Apostle Catholic Church in Lanham, Maryland (Archdiocese of Washington, DC). The information you submit is confidential and is not shared with any other group or organization for any purpose. It is used only for the purposes of analyzing parish demographics and creating a tangible record of “parish activity” that includes a history of charitable contributions. Parishioners will receive an annual statement of charitable contributions for Federal and state income tax records.

The information you provide connects you and your household with our pastoral and school staff and welcomes you to our faith formation programs, volunteer opportunities, community outreach efforts, spiritual connections, and social activities. You may choose to receive contribution envelopes on an annual basis or you may enroll in Faith Direct, our parish automatic debit service.

Records of parish activity are important when you need to provide a “Letter of Good Standing” to be a sponsor or godparent at a Baptism, Confirmation or Marriage in another Catholic Church. This record will provide a concrete history and personal pastoral knowledge of you and your family.

An “active and participating member”: (a) Participates in liturgies; (b) uses weekly offertory envelopes or Faith Direct to sustain the mission and life of the parish community (as one’s means permit); (c) enrolls all children from kindergarten through grade 12 in an accredited Catholic school or the Parish Faith Formation Program; and ( d) volunteers or becomes an active member of one of the parish’s ministries, organizations or special seasonal needs.

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