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On June 18, 1960, Reverend E. Albert Hughes assumed his duties as the first Pastor of Saint Matthias the Apostle. His flock was comprised of some two-hundred sixty-five families drawn from Saint Mary’s in Landover Hills and Ascension in Bowie. A nearly 12-acre site had been purchased for the new church and school by the Archdiocese of Washington. Father Hughes’ home and the rectory were first located on Fontana Drive and his first order of business was to inaugurate the Church, School, and Convent Building Fund Campaign in order to provide permanent facilities for the new parish on Annapolis Road. While the fund raising and construction were underway the parishioners celebrated Masses at the Chapel of the Divine Savior Seminary on Princess Garden Parkway in Lanham. The statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from that seminary currently stands in a place of honor between the rectory and school entrances.

On Sunday, February 25, 1962, an overflow crowd of seven hundred parishioners gathered to watch and pray as The Most Reverend Patrick A. O’Boyle solemnly blessed and dedicated the new steel and glass church of contemporary architecture. The new four classroom school was also blessed that same day. Archbishop O’Boyle congratulated the priests and people on their many sacrifices that provided a sacred place in which to celebrate the sacraments and to teach the children of the parish and community the faith of Jesus Christ. During the dedication Mass and ceremony, Archbishop O’Boyle thanked everyone for, “…your hard work and sacrifices in making possible this beautiful church for the honor and glory of God and the betterment of your immortal souls!”

Nearly seven hundred fifty families call Saint Matthias the Apostle their spiritual home today. For over four decades it has faithfully continued the work of the Lord proclaiming and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who would come seeking an encounter with the love of God!

There have been changes during the past forty-five years but these changes have fashioned us into the rich and dynamic community of believers we are today. You will find within our parish a rich diversity of people that are woven together by our Catholic faith and are therefore transformed into a beautiful tapestry rich in age, language, and culture. Our constant mission and purpose is to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus and to serve the needs of all who call this church their home.

We have been especially blessed for forty-two years to have a Catholic elementary school that provides a quality education for our children. Our school children infuse our parish with life and joy and daily invite us all to share with them the faith we were fortunate enough to receive from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents!
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